Tuesday, August 29, 2006

And the Story Begins

I am moving to Honduras.

No really, I am.

I travel not with the Peace Corps, nor with any altruistic NGO. Neither am I a grad student, eager to plumb the depths of anthropological idiosyncracies or trace Mayan legacies...


I am just a random person, with a crazy idea to start a business in the north coast city of La Ceiba.

Through this blog, I intend share my experience: the aggravating bureacratic details of acquiring investor residency status; the arduous (and expensive) task of procuring a commercial space; and the overwhelming ecstacy of those moments where I realize that this is actually happening... and that it can succeed.

So... welcome. Prepare yourself for minutiae, ranting, raving, and anything else you can think of. I don't expect that this will be pretty, but I plan to carry this blog through, at least to the opening of my shop, if not beyond.

Oh, and I swear a lot... so be warned.


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Good Luck in your mission! I wish you the best.


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