Monday, September 11, 2006


In spite of having emailed more than four attorneys so far, I remain at one response. (The one I pasted into a previous post on residency.)

Many of the messages have bounced back to me. It is soooo frustrating.

So far, the only name that has come up more than once is Felipe Danzilo. I emailed him at and that message came back to me, so I sent him another message at (I found the second one via google... but I have no idea if it's older or newer or what.) I also emailed two Honduras list-servs to enquire as to whether anyone had more current info for Mr. Danzilo.

We shall see...

And then I received a message telling me that I would be "ALOT [sic] happier" if I used a gentleman by the name of Jose Oswaldo Guillen. Per the recommender (is that a word?) Mr. Guillen is a former Secretary General to the Minister of Justice and was an advisor to President Maduro.

So I emailed him too... what the heck?


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